Having a 15-year experience in the sector, Turkeli, granted a licence from the Turkish Ministry of Health to conduct its activities in the international market, is an independent pharmaceutical wholesaler in Ankara, Turkey.

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The main responsibility of all government drug regulatory agencies across the globe is to ensure that all products made available to its citizens conform to acceptable standards of quality, safety, and efficacy. Turkeli Pharma supports these regulations and assists various governments with the process, on behalf of our customers, in order to meet the health demands of their population.

Turkeli Pharma is a licensed pharmaceutical products wholesaler and exporter-importer located in Ankara,Turkey.We deal with parallel import and export of branded Pharmaceuticals.

Our company has been participating tenders which are made internationally. We have participated many tenders which were made in middle east and north africa countries.Tenders in question were made by health departments.

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